Sidh Suchdev



A GameBoy emulator written in C
July 2021 - Present
  • Developed a GameBoy emulator in C designed to be able to run games and programs that a GameBoy can run on a PC
  • Learned about how components of a computer system such as the RAM, CPU, and GPU work and interact with each other
  • Used the technical specifications of the GameBoy from various sources such as its clock speed to mimic the actual function and capabilities of the GameBoy CPU
  • Implemented each operation its instruction set based on the specifications of the GameBoy
  • Created a GUI that displays the output of the GameBoy using the SDL library


A library to make CTF cryptography challenges easier
Mar 2021
  • Created a Python library designed to make solving cryptography problems for cybersecurity CTFs simpler
  • Implemented cracking tools that use frequency analysis of letters and tetragrams for simple ciphers such as the Caesar Cipher, Substitution Cipher, and the Vigenere Cipher
  • Developed a simple-to-use decryption technique for RSA encrypted ciphertext that used weak parameters during the encryption process